Jordi Martorell

Dr. Jordi Martorell is a Professor of Biotechnology, Fluid Mechanics and Process Engineering at the IQS School of Engineering in Barcelona.


He obtained his PhD Cum Laude after enlightening the correlation between fluid mechanics and vascular biology in complex vascular environments. To do so, he developed computational and laboratory models of blood flow through the main arteries of the human body (aorta, carotid and coronary). His in silico-in vitro models have proved the role of the recirculation of blood flow, inflammatory conditions, injury and anti-proliferative drugs in the development of cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis and thrombosis. These correlations have been confirmed in animals and humans. Currently, he is using the same techniques and concepts to enlighten which flow alterations are at the origin of aortic aneurysms and which flow patterns alter the functionality of the microvasculature in the blood brain barrier.


He is also working on developing a new medical device for aortic dissection. His platforms have already proven useful to improve the design of coronary stents and arterial valves for medical device companies or to test novel cell culture supplements for life sciences companies. Dr. Martorell seeks balance between advancing basic science, understanding the pathogenesis of the circulatory system and the application of his research to develop better clinical solutions beneficial to society and healthcare industries.


Dr. Martorell is the youngest professor at the IQS School of Engineering pursuing his tenure track. Through his solid, ongoing collaborations with Dr. Balcells-Camps at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Sinkus at Kings College London, Dr. Riambau at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Dr. Molins at IDIBAPS, Dr. Vázquez at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Dr. Evangelista at Hospital Vall dHebron, Dr. Martorell has access to the most advanced methods and privileged minds to continue developing his prototypes. His platforms are the first step to better understand physiology-biology interactions in the human body in order to personalize treatments. His work has impacted in different fields, such as ophthalmology, nephrology or tissue regeneration.


Dr. Martorell has an entrepreneurial mentality. He was appointed in 2015 academic tutor of the entrepreneurship club at IQS (eClub IQS), a students’ initiative to support and complement the training provided by IQS, focusing on tech-based entrepreneurship. In line with this mentality, Dr. Martorell has had his entrepreneurial project Aortyx funded and/or supported by renowned programs or institutions like Idea2, CaixaImpulse, AGAUR and FIPSE. Dr. Martorell was very recently invited by the IQS leadership to start a new research group stemming from his alma mater. Together with Dr. Balcells, Dr. Riambau and Dr. Molins, he founded the Vascular Engineering and Applied Biomedicine group, an emergent group recognized by the Catalan Agency for research promotion (AGAUR).