Scientific Program

Pre-Meeting Events

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March 8th


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March 9th

12.00 h - 18.00 h

Young Vascular Specialist Workshop 

10 young vascular surgeons (under 40 years) supported 10 Endovascular Foundation’s Grants. They are invited to attend the expert Reception as well as to participate in the main sessions.


19.30 h - 22.30 h

Welcome and Expert Reception at Oleum (restaurant of the Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya).

Key note conference by  Prof. Rafael Rodríguez Clemente

Arrival and Registrations at the Welcome desk in the Granados 83 Hotel (C/Enric Granados, 83, 08008 Barcelona)


Welcome reception at Oleum Restaurant (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Parc Montjuïc, S/N, 08038 Barcelona)

7.30 h - 7.55 h



7.55h - 8.00 h

Welcome and Introduction


8.00 h - 13.30 h

Focus 1:  Unsolved problems on Aortic Repair

Guest Faculty

E. Ducasse (France)

S. Haulon (France)

M. Jenkins (UK)

I. Loftus (UK)

J. Martorell (Spain)

G. Melissano (Italy)

S. Sultan (Ireland)

S. Trimarchi (Italy)

A. Wanhainen (Sweeden)


8.00 h - 9.30 h

Session 1: Current limitations on Thoracic Endografting. Ascending, arch and thoracoabdominal fates


9.30 h - 11.00 h

Session 2: Current unmet needs on Abdominal Aorta endografting. The Infra justa and para-renal aneurysm fates


11.00 h - 11.30 h



11.30 h - 13.30 h

Session 3: The Confidential Session. Taking a look into the pipeline; new devices and innovative concepts from the industry

1) JOTEC - Endovascular aortic arch repair using a novel reversed inner branch device, Dr. Marwan Youssef 

2) VASCUTEK - ThoracoFlex: Development of an Open Surgical Hybrid Stent-Graft for Treatment of TAAA, Mr. Mark Stekel


13.30 h - 14.30 h 



14.30 h - 16.00 h

Session 4: GREAT DEBATE. Eucomed/MedTech regulations and the impact on the future professional relationships.


T. Bogenschuetz (JOTEC – Non EUCOMED industry rep.)

J. Boltà (PCO)

A. Diego (Fenin)

E. Ducasse (Phisycian and Congress Organizer)

D. López Bellido (General Manager Oursense Hospital)

J. Lopez Sabaté (Lawyer - Advisor for PCOs)

E. Louwette (MedTech rep.)



16.00 h - 18.30 h

Focus 2: Lower limb therapy: unsolved problems

Guest Faculty

GC. Biamino (Italy)

P. Goverde (Belgium)

F. Fanelli (Italy)

R. Ferraresi (Italy)

F. Vermassen (Belgium)


16.00 h - 17.00 h

Session 5: The Confidential Session. Taking a look into the pipeline; new therapies are coming up. 

1) ABBOT - Title TBA

2) iVascular - Title TBA 

3)  WL GORE - Title TBA


17.00 h - 18.30 h

Session 6: Unsolved issues in lower limb endo revascularization: from the durability to the cost effectiveness concerns 


18.30 h

Conclusions and Wrap-Up