May 12th, 2016

Pre-Meeting Events:

12.00-18.00  Young Vascular Specialist Workshop

15 young vascular surgeons (under 40 years old) supported by 15 Endovascular Foundation Grants (Young Talent Grant). They are invited to attend the Expert Reception as well as to participate in the main sessions on 13th May.

Download Workshop Programme here   pdf 


19.30-22.30  Welcome and Expert Reception – The Gallery Building. One Ocean Club

                      Key Note Conference  – The Scientific Method and the Intellectual Joy

                      Jorge Wagensberg

                     Doctor in Physics and Professor in the Theory of Irreversible Processes at the

                     University of Barcelona.

                     Director of “Fundació La Caixa” Science Museum (1991-2004)

                     Director of the Hermitage Museum at Barcelona


May 13th, 2016

07.30-07.55 Registration

07.55-08.00 Welcome and Introduction


08.00-13.00 Focus 1: Unsolved Problems on Aortic Repair


08.00 – 10.00 Session 1: Current limitations and unmet needs on Thoracic Endografting

Moderators: V. Riambau and F. Moll

Panellists: R. Clough, D. Adam, M. Czerny, F. Gómez-Palonés and J. Martorell


10.00 -10.30 Break


10.30 – 11.30 Session 2: Current unmet needs on Abdominal Aorta endografting. The justa para- renal and ruptured AAA 

Moderators: N. Mosquera and F. Moll

Panellists: N. Cheshire, D. Planer, K. Donas, D. Adam and E. Georgakarakos


11.30-13.00 Session 3. THE CONFIDENTIAL SESSION: Taking a look into the pipeline; new devices and innovative concepts from the industry to be evaluated

Moderators: G. Mestres and L. Capoccia

Panellists: D. Planer and M. Czerny

Presenters: Companies TBD


13.00-13.30 Session 4: Invited Pleanry Lecture: The physician’s role in Endovascular innovation. An ICI perspective

D. Planer, MD

Director, Center for Endovascular Interventions. Heart Institute. Hadassah Medical Center,

Jerusalem, Israel


13.30-14.45   Working lunch with Faculty


14.45-17.00 Focus 2: Lower limb revascularization: unsolved problems


14.45-16.00 Session 5: Unsolved issues in lower limb endo-revascularization

Moderators: J. Fernández-Noya and E. Puras

Panellists: R. Ferraresi, F. Fanelli, K. Deloose, F. Vermassen


16.00-16.23  Break


16.30-17.30 Session 6. THE CONFIDENTIAL SESSION. Taking a look into the pipeline; new therapies are coming up in lower limb revascularization

Moderators: G. Mestres and L.M. Salmeron

Panellists: F. Fanelli, K. Deloose and F. Vermassen

Presenters: Companies TBD


 17.30-19.00 Focus 3: New endovascular horizons for venous disorders


17.30-18.30 Session 7: Unmet needs for venous recanalization

Moderators: E. Puras and E. Roche

Panellists: O. Hartung and G. O’Sullivan


18.30-19.00 Session 8: THE CONFIDENTIAL SESSION. Taking a look into the pipeline; new therapies are coming up in venous disorders

Moderators: E. Puras and E. Roche

Panellists: M. Whiteley, O. Hartung

Presenters: Companies TBD 


19.00 Conclusions and Wrapping up