Call for abstracts

Abstract submission is now closed.

Thank you all for your contribution!


Abstract submission (for all abstracts): the only way to submit your abstract is by using the link posted in the Congress Abstract Section (please use the link and template at the end of this page).

Once your abstract has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email indicating that all the information has been received correctly. 

An acceptance/rejection notification will be sent via email with all the necessary presentation details early February 2019.


SITE ORAL PRESENTATIONS: There are 5 monographic sessions. When submitting your abstract you must make mention to one of the 5 sessions detailed below.

The 6 best abstracts for each session will be chosen for presentation.

  • Session F.1 -  Free Papers Aorta and its branches
  • Session F.2 -  Free papers lower limbs
  • Session F.3 -  Free papers miscelanous
  • Session F.4 -  Free papers venous
  • Session F.5 -  Free papers Thoracic

 The best presentation (voted for between the Scientific Committee and the Audience) will be awarded with a prize of 2,000€.

  • Time for presentation: 7 minutes followed by a 3 minute discussion.


SITE CHALLENGING CASES: These should include educational elements such as the problem or difficulty, how to avoid and resolve it. There are 5 monographic sessions:

  • Session C.1 – Challenging cases in Lower Limb
  • Session C.2 – Miscellaneous Challenging Cases
  • Session C.3 – Challenging cases in Aorta
  • Session C.4 – Challenging Venous Cases

When submitting your abstract you must make mention to one of the 5 sessions detailed above.

The 8 best abstracts for each session will be chosen for presentation.


The best Challenging Case chosen by the Moderators will be awarded with the prize of 1,000€

  •  Time for presentation: 7 minutes followed by a 4 minute discussion


SITE POSTERS: They will be viewed and discussed during the coffee breaks and lunch.

The Scientific Committee will select the 6 best posters for oral presentation.

A maximum of 3 slides will be allowed for a presentation of 3 minutes followed by a 2 minute discussion.

The selected posters will be announced at 10.30 on Thursday 28th via email.


The best poster will be awarded the prize of 1,000€.

  • Presentation: poster format will be provided only to authors of accepted posters



1) All abstracts must be submitted through the official link posted at the end of this page (please use the template provided).

2) The new deadline to submit your abstract is January 15, 2019.

3) The maximum number of authors permitted is 6 (1 author plus 5 co-authors). One of the authors must be registered in the Congress.

4) The extension of your abstract should be minimum 200 characters and maximum 1 page A4 format.

5) The title should be in capitals and extend to no more than two lines. Avoid abbreviations.

6) The text must be “Times New Roman” – 12 pts – single line spacing.

7) Organize the text following these sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Material used
  4. Methodology used
  5. Results of the study
  6. Conclusions of the study


Download the template here